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Free Downloads!!!!!

To Download A Dogz Starter Kit(2.4MB) click Adopt Now

There are 5 dogz chip, jowels, scrappy, bootz and chi-chi. There is one toy a ball which they love to play with, when you throw it they get and bring it right back to you so you can throw it again. If you wait 7-10 minutes your dog will fall asleep when they do they start barking in there sleep and roll around.

To download Oddballz click on Scorch

For extra Eggz click on the Egg

The Best Eggz are Honker, Modvark, Scorch, Dynaroo, and Zott

Oddaballz was my favorite of the three it has 2 toys they are the atomic ball which they love to play with, if you hold the ball over them they will grow; also there is the transformer which changes them into different animals like Lips (one of the Oddballz) he will turn into a bull and other animals. So check it out.

Also there is Catz this is a good program for everyone even if you don't like catz. I don't like cats but computer catz is cute and funny. There are a lot of toys like a mouse that runs around the screen the tricky part of the mouse is to get him to come out of his hole, you have to plant the cheese on the screen to get him to come out. Plus you have to see what he does when you feed him.