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Oddballz Toyz


The Transformer shoots waves of energy which cause your Oddballz Petz to dramatically mutate or change into a variety of animal states, exposing their inner selves! The kinds of Mutations the Transformer causes depend on which Oddballz you are shooting and how often you blast them. Be sure not to use this toy too liberally, or you may blast your Oddballz to pieces.

The Seismo-Ball is a massive metal ball that can be picked up, dropped and thrown around the Playpen. Its heavy weight causes the ball to make a booming noise when dropped or hit against a wall, and its impact causes all the objects in the room to shake. Be sure to drop the Seismo-Ball on top of your Oddballz or an unsuspecting Grubz; the effects are smashing. For the Oddballz who can stay on top of this toy, your Petz are in for a barreling fun ride!!!

The Sno-Blaster is an effective yet harmless way to discipline your Oddballz when they are acting up; most Oddballz hate snow and the more your cover them the more unlikely they will be to repeat the activity that "snowed" them in the first place.


The Gravitron emits a series of magnetic waves that have the ability to attract or repel objects. An object will stay stuck until you move the Gravitron quickly enough to break the magnetic force between the two objects. Be aware, if your Oddballz feels the urge to treat the Gravitron as a meal, that Oddballz will inherit the magnetic powers.
Robo Pogo

A "Pogo Stick" with a seat and mind of its own, the Robo Pogo wants to take your Oddballz for a bumpy ride. Let your Robo Pogo loose on the desktop, and it will bounce to follow your cursor's lead. Send it after your Oddballz and your Petz may be in for the ride of its life; it may also find the Robo Pogo an unwilling, even prickly, participant.

Pop Box

Check out the vocal chords and dance moves of your Oddballz with the Pop Box. Oddballz are sure to boogie down or chime in with their own unique song when the Pop Box is playing. If you like what you see or hear, you can choose a longer song. Of course, all songs end with a startle when the Pop Box springs open like a Jack in the Box.
Atomic Ball

Oddballz generally love to fetch and play with the Atomic Ball. Some even like to take it for a spin. Give the ball a toss by clicking on it with the left mouse button, move your mouse in the direction you want to throw it and release the mouse button while you are moving it. When left alone, the Atomic Ball may go into orbit around whatever is out at the time. Your Petz can get dizzy if this happens to them.

The Locopop is a psychedelic piece of candy for your Oddballz to suck on. When you pull this treat out of the Toy Module it will start with its original "cherry" flavor. Use the Flavorizer to color it the new flavor of your choice. Treat your Petz to a Locopop if you wish to reward them, but be sure to notice the Locopop's flavor first as some flavors may not be much of a reward to certain Oddballz


Liqui-Food gives your Petz both the nutrients and liquids they need to be healthy and happy Oddballz, so you must be sure to feed it to them regularly. But remember, Oddballz can be prone to overeating; too much food and your Petz may have adverse side effects. Try using the Flavorizer to add different flavors to your Oddballz' meal, you may notice a change in its character immediately.
The Switch

If you pull The Switch, it's lights out for your Oddballz! And who's to say what goes on in a darkened room. Left-click on The Switch to turn the lights off. Click on it again to bring them back on. If you're patient and quick enough, you might just catch your Oddballz in a compromising position.You can tell which Oddballz are afraid of the dark after a few flicks of The Switch.

Taking pictures of your Oddballz is both fun and easy, and it's a great way to remember all of the cool tricks your Petz can do. Click on the camera button to take a picture of your Oddballz doing their thing. You can also use the keyboard shortcut: Spacebar